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Lisa Bean

Set your event on fire with motivational speaker Lisa Bean. Speaking UK-wide for entrepreneurial events, corporate training days and in house sales teams, Lisa is an expert on business, sales, marketing and mindset. 

Why choose Lisa Bean as your motivational speaker?

UK based Motivational Speaker Lisa Bean is a transformative force in the world of motivational speaking. Specialising in motivational talks, motivational workshops and motivational training for sales and marketing teams, entrepreneurial events and corporate training days and away days, Lisa dramatically and instantly increases individual ownership over results, increases energy in the room and reinvigorates an individual’s motivation for their own positive performance.


Lisa has infectious energy and rich expertise in business. Having built three six figure companies and generated seven figures in personal sales, Lisa talks effortlessly on topics like: How to build a sales mindset, How to scale your online business, How to stand out in the market using your unique edge and How to take control of your own success.


Her extensive background spans recruitment, talent development, manufacturing, insurance, retail, and online training.


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I also wanted to say thank you for delivering an excellent class yesterday. The team said the class was amazing, engagement was high and there were lots of positive comments in the chat, so thank you. I'm pleased to share the results from the feedback survey. Quality of course content 4.6/5 - very high score! - Teaching style 4.1/5 - Structure and pace 4.5/5.

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Who is Lisa Bean?

About Lisa

Lisa Bean grew up as a ‘military kid’, travelling to German, Canada and all over the UK with her military parents, before going to military boarding school, aged 11. Moving, making new friends and starting afresh has been a major theme of Lisa’s life and she uses stories like this to help other people find their unique edge, borne out of their upbringing and experience.


Lisa launched her first business when she was 23, winning FTSE 100 contracts all over the UK, before building a half a million pound marketing agency in the North East. Building on the success of both businesses, Lisa launched her motivational speaking and online education business in 2015, and uses her real-world experience to challenge audience members to take more control over their own performance and success.


With a varied business background, Lisa has developed some unusual speaks for a motivational speaker! She can build web sites, she’s an expert in organic ranking and she’s talented in content and video editing. This acumen comes in useful when working with entrepreneurs and business owners looking to scale up their businesses, particularly online.


Lisa is also an Amazon best selling author for her first memoir based self-help book on how to change your life, and is currently writing her second book on how to heal subconscious blocks in order to achieve greater success in life.


Lisa is 38, lives in the north east and speaks UK wide. Her online client base is worldwide, with clients in Dubai, South Africa, USA and Europe.

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``I can’t recommend Lisa enough, she helped me to save my business in Lockdown! I had to completely pivot my business and I was still able to earn money during lockdown. Lisa has such a unique way of looking at sales, marketing and funnels and will share her experiences openly and tell you the truth of what it takes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa and work with her again in the future.”

Joann, Client

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What to look for in your motivational speaker:

Lisa Bean is not just a motivational speaker; she’s an innovator, a leader, and a deliverer. With a proven track record of founding and scaling successful businesses, with seven figures in personal sales, Lisa brings real-world experience and a creative, forward-thinking approach to every speaking engagement and training day. She understands the challenges that companies, leaders, managers, sales teams and entrepreneurs face and uses her innovation thinking, empathy and business acumen to help attendees take full ownership of their own transformation.

Lisa collaborates with companies to create bespoke workshops, talks, and coaching programs that inspire action and deliver results you can both feel and see. Her offerings include:

Lisa was great. Her energy and smile were contagious

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UK Female Motivational Speaker Lisa Bean

Is Lisa a good fit for you?

Booking Lisa as your motivational speaker

Lisa works primarily with entrepreneurs, sales departments and leaders to unlock a greater performance mindset and drive up energy towards customer focused results. Her expertise is ideal for those looking to enhance team effectiveness, drive up sales activities, and cultivate a culture of personal ownership over customer focused results, leveraging and individuals USPs and unique talents.


Proven Success as a Motivational Speaker:


Lisa has been trusted by leading organisations such as The Guardian and NatWest’s Business Enterprise Hub. Companies that engage Lisa as a motivational speaker can expect significant improvements in:

  • Sales Activities: Boost engagement and productivity, driving higher sales performance.
  • Idea Generation: Create a fertile ground for innovative ideas and strategic initiatives.
  • Performance Metrics: Achieve measurable improvements in key performance indicators, driving overall business success.

“Wow, the wonderful Lisa Bean has transformed everything that I thought about business. Her knowledge of strategy, systems and processes is phenomenal and I’ve learnt and implemented so much and its been a game changer for me, a massive uplevelling and I am in such gratitude for the experience, for all the wonderful friends I have made along the way and for the AMAZING Lisa Bean who is an absolute legend x”

Kerry, Workshop Attendee

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Lisa’s Unique Style

Lisa’s speaking style is a powerful blend of motivation, energy and practical ideas that can be implemented immediately. Lisa is hugely passionate about sales and customer service and is equally passionate about performance management, personal growth and onward personal development.


Her warmth and charisma instantly connect with audiences, making her sessions not only memorable but transformative.

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I'd read Lisa's first book before the course and couldn't wait to get started! I thought Lisa had a great balance of the personal and professional. Sharing stories of her own life and experience was not only inspiring but also made the teachings more powerful. The concepts and messages Lisa shared were really well explained and easy to grasp. There were lots of 'aha' moments which is always exciting too.

Guardian masterclass attendee

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Don’t just aim for improvement—achieve transformation with Lisa. Whether you need a dynamic keynote, an in-depth workshop, or a long-term coaching program, Lisa has the expertise and passion to support your company.

Your Questions Answered

What topics does motivational speaker Lisa Bean cover in her talks?

Lisa covers a wide range of topics in her motivational talks, including how to build a sales mindset, scaling your online business, standing out in the market using your unique edge, and taking control of your own success.

What makes Lisa a unique motivational speaker?

Lisa Bean out as a motivational speaker due to her infectious energy, extensive expertise in business, and proven track record of building and scaling companies. Her real-world experience and innovative thinking make her a transformative force in the field of motivational speaking, sales training and business growth.

Can Lisa tailor her motivational speaking engagements to our specific needs?

Yes, Lisa customises her motivational speaking engagements to meet the specific needs of your team or event. When you choose Lisa as your motivational speaker, she will work with you to agree the outcomes of the talk or event, and generate key speaking points before finalising her content for the day. Lisa works collaboratively with her clients and always signs off her speaking content in advance to ensure that her message resonates and drives meaningful change for your audience and teams.

What kind of businesses has Lisa worked with?

Lisa has an extensive background working with businesses in various sectors including recruitment, talent development, manufacturing, insurance, retail, and online training, making her well-versed in addressing diverse business challenges.

How can booking a motivational speaker like Lisa Bean improve our team’s performance?

Booking an experienced and practical motivational speaker like Lisa Bean can significantly improve your team’s performance by providing fresh perspectives, boosting morale, and equipping team members with practical strategies to take ownership of their success. Lisa’s success in business, and the funny stories she’s tells about her journey (particularly in sales and marketing) helps her to immediately capture the confidence and attention of her audience. Lisa’s motivational talks aren’t just ideas. They’re strategies grounded in real world business, sales and marketing success.

How do we book Lisa Bean as a motivational speaker for our next event?

To book Lisa Bean as a motivational speaker for your next event, please visit our contact page or reach out directly via email or phone. Lisa will happily discuss your needs and give options for working together to make your event or training day a success.