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Am I Healing?

Your work will change the world, but it will change you first.


Am I Healing? is a compassionate and highly relatable self-help memoir for heart-led entrepreneurs, creatives and artists who must heal in order to bring their unique work to the world.


But these people aren’t failures…


they’re grafters,

they’re givers,

they’re survivors.


They’ve just never known how to let themselves win, and this book changes that.


Am I Healing? is a gentle but viscerally honest guide that takes the readers their own reflective journey of healing as they learn how to trust their own purpose, own their real vision more fully and heal so that they can put their real work out in the world and prepare to be seen.

In my first book, I wrote about waking up, uncovering my purpose and starting that bold new journey of making a living doing what I love. In this new book, I’m writing about the healing required by each of us to trust our purpose, share our work and be seen, as well as how to find that delicate balance between our art, purpose and making a living doing what we love.


Am I Healing? is written in four parts: 


Part 1:

Dream – How to deepen your connection to purpose, trust your vision and lean into the journey we all must walk to share our true work.


Part 2:

Change – How to change ‘the memory’ of who you are so you can take bold action, overcome your fears and hold the result you want.


Part 3: 

Heal – How to process the traumas of your life and heal through your mistrust, fears and pain to find peace and happiness, and let yourself be seen in your work.


Part 4:

Share – How to lean into your own message, art and story, put your work out into the world and make a living doing what you love.

Am I Healing? Waiting list

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Have you read my first book?

My first book ‘First Sh!t Version’ came out in January 2020, just weeks before the news of Covid-19 began to break.  The book went on to hit number 1 in the Amazon kindle charts, and number 2 in the business charts. This book shows readers who to uncover their purpose, change their lives and launch an offer to make a living doing what they love. I tell it through my personal story of change, showing how I got over a five year stint of depression, and paid off £100,000 in debt to set myself free in business.


My second book is called Be The Person. This book shows readers how to reconnect with the truth of who they are and what they’re meant to do, and shows them exactly how to become the person who does the work to make it happen. This book is told through stories, with powerful strategies for changing your blueprint, building positive behaviours, organising and leveraging time and knowledge, and using the post of emotion and energy to speed up the process of change. It’s powerful, inspiring and practical. For entrepreneurs who want to see real change in their lives, and breakthrough to their next level of performance, this is for you.

– KATIE, via Amazon™:

“Lisa’s style of writing is so conversational this felt just like digging into a great autobiography – excellent story telling, and way more engaging than lots of other business books I’ve read.”

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As the founder of three six figure businesses, with over seven figures in personal sales, Lisa is an expert in online sales and has a proven record of creating offers, making sales and changing lives. Lisa has completed over 1000 hours of coaching with start up entrepreneurs, six and seven figure business owners and eight figure corporations, and has delivered training for NatWest and The Guardian. Having overcome clinical depression by giving in to her purpose and speaking her truth, Lisa is now studying towards her masters in psychology to deepen her understanding of how change works in the mind.