The Ultimate Online Business Course

Straight Line Through (SLT) is a two year online business course dedicated to your first six figure year. If you haven’t yet generated £100,000 in sales in your online coaching, training or education business but you want to, this online business course was designed specifically for you.

Learn from the master of the six figure year, Lisa Bean. Lisa has built three six figure companies and taken five course to six figures. If you want to invoice £100,000 in 12 months, this online business course will show you how!

Straight Line Through is an online business course with 6 essential modules, live weekly training & your chance to have your questions answered every single week, as you launch and scale to six figures in online sales. When you enrol, you get access to the online business course and all additional support for two years to give you the time needed to learn the principles and develop the six figure skills and traits.

Straight Line Through is a rather unbelievable £996 (including VAT).

You can pay in full, or pay over three instalments. You’re protected by a 7-day money back guarantee.

What’s included in this online business course?

At a glance:

  • Six core modules, built around the six core skills you must master to build an online six figure business. The modules are listed below. Each module takes around half a day to complete.
  • Practical step by step videos on what to do to build a compelling offer people will buy, market that offer and makes sales online, with worksheets summarising the key points and ‘homework’ in each unit to get you focused on the one thing that will change the game.
  • Weekly Wednesday lives at 12pm. Join me live every Wednesday for a positive jolt of inspiration and direction on what you must do next to develop and scale your online business.
  • A brand new 200 printed workbook, posted to your address. This helps you to move through the content, with all worksheets printed to help you do the work.
  • Your questions answered. Got a question? Bring it to the Wednesday lives and I’ll answer it there and then.
  • Access to an incredibly supportive Telegram group of positive minded entrepreneurs who are doing this work.
  • Motivational ideas and content to help you find the blocks, do the hard work and heal to hold the result you want.

You can pay in full, or pay over three instalments. You’re protected by a 7-day money back guarantee.

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Why did I build the ultimate online business course?

My goal is for you to email me as you work through the online business course and say “Lisa, that worked. You’re the first coach who told me the truth and actually supported me as I got to my six figure year online”.


Lisa Bean

6 key outcomes:

Get clarity – in your vision, strategy, offer, message and Straight Line Through

You’ll explore the options you’ve been playing with, make key decisions in your business (e.g. on targets, audience, messaging), tap into your unique edge to help you show up in alignment (and with a little bit of magic!), and build a set of behaviours to bank on to get this done. We can’t go anywhere without knowing what you want, how you want to do it, and what you’ll need to tackle on that journey. Let’s start there.

Finish, upgrade and enhance your core offer – make it unmissable

Learn how to build a truly compelling offer your customers actually want to buy. Most people don’t really know what their customers crave, or how to position their offer to speak to those desires. The truth is: When you know how to build an incredible offer, you’ll find you don’t have to sell it at all, and you have to market it a lot less. Why? Because people want to buy it. They will ask you if they can buy it. For the right person, this SLT offer is gold dust and a very easy YES.

How to market for sales

Marketing is a proper SKILL that takes many people years to master without guidance. I’m talking about the message, the positioning, the price and the customer, but I’m also talking about Thought Leadership, showing up consistently, feeling motivated to promote your offers. In this part of the programme, we will finalise your central business message, identify your secondary content messages, find the killer HOOK for your offers (like ‘Straight Line Through’, DARETOGROW, ‘First Sh!t Version’) and plan your marketing funnel (with sales pages and lead magnets). You’ll also create a brand-building and sales-pipeline marketing strategy you’ll be excited to follow.

How to sell

Selling is a proper SKILL. How to build rapport, how to make the ask, how to overcome objections…honestly? I don’t sell like that. I go on the basis of value, and ensuring the product is the right match for the client. That being said, there is a specific process you want to guide clients through to help them make the right decision. My close rate is close to 100%. If someone gets on a call with me, they will likely buy, IF it’s a good fit and the right time. I am going to teach this process to you, and give you a script to guide you. And remember, this will be so much easier because you’ll now have an offer people want, and marketing that works. It all gets easier from here.

Stand out with Thought Leadership

We follow people who have a path through, and state their insights with confident instruction. In this section, you’ll craft your unique model and begin writing your unique Thought Leadership to stand out online, feel excited about your marketing and build a community of loyal followers who…want to buy, or at the very least support you and help you spread the word.

Move through the blocks

Truth be told, you’re self-sabotaging. There are things you know you need to change, and things you don’t know you need to change. Let’s find them, list them and make a behavioural plan you can follow. You cannot find blocks, ignore them and hope they won’t get in the way. They’re in the way right now. This is about looking at yourself, finding the stories and doing the work to shift ’em. Oh, and I’ll help you too 😉

So Lisa, what do I get in this online business course?

First things first, you need the core training…


When you join, you’ll be granted access to a brand new, bang up to date online course that takes you through how to craft your six figure offer, how to build your six figure funnel and how to build your six figure mindset. I will teach you how to sell, how to market, and how to scale your business to £100,000 years. You can download the full module outline below.

Now, let’s put it into action


As you craft your offer, build your sales page and develop your marketing messages, bring them to the weekly live calls. I will review them with you right there and then, and help you take things to the next level.

And to top it all off…


Watch the post! I’ve spent years crafting a specially-made printed workbook. It includes write ups all of the core units, spaces to capture your thinking and checklists and trackers to tick off progress as you go.

Is this online business course right for me?

There are two types of people who join Straight Line Through: 

Make more sales:


If you’ve been at this for a while, developing offers, learning how to post content and working with clients here and there, I will show you how to turn this into a thriving business that can support you and your family. You will learn:


How to craft and launch an offer people want to buy. I will tell you the truth and get you focused on what matters.

How to market and sell online in a way that feels honest, aligned and authentic. I will show you how to make money.

How to manage all the piece of business, including the cashflow, customer delivery and marketing.

Scale up online


If you already have an online business, and have made your first £5,000, £10,000 or even £30,000, we will focus on: How to turn your offer into a more scalable product, or charge higher fees for the work you do.


This is about getting more time back to put into creative, brand and business growth work. How to build a fully automated marketing funnel to generate new leads and enquiries whilst you’re busy delivering for clients (or working on another project). How to build a brand as a Thought Leadership in your space, ready for your new book, podcast or talk!

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Why Join Straight Line Through / The Online Business Course?

The Truth

I will tell you the truth of what it takes, teaching you proper skills for longterm success in business, sales and marketing, WITH a big focus on bringing your own magic and uniqueness to the table.

Full Picture

The programme is truly comprehensive to help you learn the key concepts, open your mind to what’s required to get the six figure result and support you as you do the work. The content is organised into six key units, there are videos, audios, written summaries, worksheets, weekly lives and additional training to help you integrate the learning.

Your Art

This isn’t just about business, sales and marketing. This is about your art! If you want to make an incredible printed journal to go with your course, let’s talk about it! If you want to make a market leading podcast to share your unique ideas, let’s talk about it. If you want to make a living doing what you love and not just make money being bust, let’s talk about that.

‘Curious’ List

Not ready to commit but want to keep an eye out? Join the waiting list for Straight Line Through and I’ll keep you in the loop and help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.


Lisa Bean is a UK based online business coach for coaches looking to scale to multiple six figures, leveraging their unique Thought Leadership. With seven figures in personal sales from three multiple six figure businesses, Lisa talks effortlessly about the truth of what it takes to succeed in business and in life.