I’ve been teaching business, marketing, sales and mindset for nearly 15 years now. Here are some of the testimonials I’ve collected more recently. Any reference to ‘The Online Course’ or ‘Expansion Business School’ is now ‘Straight Line Through’. Any reference to 121 work is now Expansion Edge.

“I knew I needed something different and was prepared to wait”

I made the decision in December 2023 to move from a group program to a 121 Business Coach. This was, for me, a huge decision, but I knew I needed to move my coaching business to the next level to aim big and for this I needed more specific guidance .


I started my research, mainly on Instagram and LinkedIn, there are lot of experienced coaches offering great promises, but I knew I needed something different and was prepared to wait. Then at the end of Jan I came by Lisa Bean on Instagram. She caught my attention and I watched her videos and read her posts and testimonials. The next day I went back to her account and sent off a message to ask if we could have a discovery call. On the call I immediately connected with Lisa energy and her knowledge, she listened to me and immediately was able to use her expertise and discussed options and outcomes. Her experience in marketing was just what I needed. I signed up on the call.


It is early days as I have only had two sessions but honestly – Lisa is a breath of fresh air. She does not hold back, her honesty comes hand in hand with her coaching, there is no slacking, the pace is fast and there is plenty of homework, but this adds to the value and the results.


Lisa also supports you outside the coaching call, through email and WhatsApp, which I feel is impressive.


After two sessions, Lisa has helped create a stand out sales page and identified my ideal client. (I thought I already had a clear picture of who I wanted to work with, but as we dug deep into this area I realised I hadn’t but – thanks to Lisa I have now!)


This week I have been tasked with finalising my sales page, plan a Masterclass and review my funnels – documents to be sent to Lisa prior to my next session. I have been given strategies and examples during our one to one as well as constructive advice on wordings outcomes etc, so feel very supported to go away and work on the deliverables – all this has happened in such a short period of time.


I am also part of Lisa’s Group Program – ‘Straight Line Through’ which is very different to other programs, as you get Lisa’s eyes on your work. My first session everyone was encouraged to present your ideas on an offering, even though it was my first session I felt comfortable to present mine and was given such valuable feedback, it is like a mini weekly one to one session, but you also get the support of others in the group. Looking forward to connecting with other amazing entrepreneurs.


As mentioned in the early days, I am super excited for this journey.

Lisa Nugent, Transformational Coach


“Just do it. What have you got to lose. That’s what I would say. You’ve got so much to gain. You could come thinking ‘I want to get clear on my business strategy’ but you might have a breakthrough and an insight on a completely different level like I have this weekend.”


“You can come away with so much more. There is so much value in the connections you make here and in connecting with the other people on a similar journey to you and for me that’s priceless.”

Julie Wild, Transformation Coach





“I got so much more”

“I signed up for Edge because I wanted to get clear on how I sold my program. I got so much more.


After our first call I realised the support I would get from Lisa would be wasted on that particular program as it was not in line with where I wanted to go. So instead we re-invented my whole business and my thought leadership around a new direction!


Over 6 months we worked on exactly what I stand for and the offers around it. Lisa’s approach was exactly what I needed- calling me out on crap writing (erm…’could that be written by a robot’ is my go to editing technique now) to encouraging me to be honest. But all done in a loving friend kind of way.


It kept me accountable- especially when it felt tough and Lisa knew just when to pop in with a little encouragement. It has helped me gain confidence to build a business around my expertise AND in my own way. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough.


If you love her approach- you’ll love this program.”

Rachel Aiken, Online Business Strategist

Business coach review

“Another Level”

“I have changed as a person. I know that Lisa teaches business but actually she teaches you so much more than that: How to actually be yourself, how to connect with the truth of your purpose, the truth of your life, the truth of your business.”


“In every investment with Lisa, I’ve managed to – the best one is six times my revenue on what I paid her came back into the business in such a short space of time. In every investment, there has been a learning from an actual business strategy point of view but also in just who I am and how I can be happy.”


“It is literally the best investment I’ve ever made. I am now in my third container (programme) with Lisa, which says something incredible about the way that she works because every time there is another level.”

Jacky Clarke, Business Coach



Launch report

“Marketing expert”

“She knows her stuff. She’s a marketing expert.”


“Lisa’s style is brilliant. As well as getting these key points from Lisa and making these notes, I’ve learnt so much from a couple of other people who Lisa’s invited up to the front to have a chat. Some of the talent that comes in from different areas is what we need. We can’t get that online, talking to people on Zoom. You’ve got to be there. You’ve got to feel it. You’ve got to taste the energy and the ambiance of what goes on at the live weekend.”


“If you’re gonna do a course, she is someone you can trust and work with and I”m not easily giving away my money for someone who’s a load of rubbish.”

Nick Matthews, Clinical Psychologist

“It’s given me freedom”

“I joined EBS because I knew that I had a purpose and more to give. I couldn’t give you ‘just one’ best bit – there’s just lots of best bits. To know you have the backing of some incredible, incredible people who are on the same journey as you just makes it so much easier. I couldn’t do it without them.


Every week we are able to jump on a Zoom call and sit and talk to Lisa one on one so if you come across a stumbling block (which happens regularly) yoin can join a live question and answering session and Lisa is there to answer whatever questions you have. She just keeps me moving forward in my business.


Since joining EBS I have managed to build an online course, which I never dreamed I would technically be able to do. I was such a tech-phobe, but suddenly I seem to know how to work all this technical stuff and have my business online and work from wherever I want. I have done that because I had EBS to show me.


I would say to anyone who is considering joining EBS, just do it. It is such an investment in your future. It’s helped me to build a life that I want. It’s given me freedom. Time. Being able to travel. Money. Finances.”

Karen, Postnatal Rehabilitation Coach

“She helped save my business”

“I can’t recommend Lisa enough, she helped me to save my business in Lockdown! I signed up to Lisa’s Expansion course and it was way more than I expected.


My business was fully in person until I worked with Lisa her help and advice was invaluable especially during lockdown. I had to completely pivot my business and I was still able to earn money during lockdown. My business is in a process of change which is why I had no doubts to continue my journey with Lisa in Expansion + she continues to offer incredible insights, help you make some tough decisions and my business is continuing to grow.


Lisa has such a unique way of looking at sales, marketing and funnels and will share her experiences openly and tell you the truth of what it takes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa and work with her again in the future.”

Joann, Co-Founder of Strength & Soul

“Massive fan, big advocate”

“I’m constantly surprised by her capacity to hold space at live events, to be able to take on knowledge and really eloquently and easily share it with other people. It’s quite phenomenal. Massive fan. Big advocate.”


“Just reach out and make that connection. I’ve not looked back since. I’m still going through the Edge programme. I just love working with her. The process continually evolves. And there’s always more to offer. It has literally been really life changing for me.”

George Bannister, Property Developer


“Transformed everything I thought I knew about business”

“Wow, the wonderful Lisa Bean and the Expansion programme has transformed everything that I thought about business. I signed up because I loved Lisa’s energy and I wanted someone that would kick my butt and get me taking action even on the parts (like systems!) that I ran away from.


Her knowledge of strategy, systems and processes is phenomenal and I’ve learnt and implemented so much and its been a game changer for me, a massive uplevelling and I am in such gratitude for the experience, for all the wonderful friends I have made along the way and for the AMAZING Lisa Bean who is an absolute legend x”

Kerry O’Sullivan, leading authority on EAM and Tantric Embodiment

“Pushing past blocks”

“There is a lot of talk out there in the world about anxiety and stress and not a lot of it is saying that’s a natural process through which growth happens. When I come into a programme like Expansion Business School, that’s a given and we take our work from there. We’re all comfortable with the fact we’re pushing ourselves past those blocks.” Press play to hear what the wonderful Claire has to say about Expansion Business School”

Claire Standen, Founder of Independent Single Mums


Lisa Bean is a UK based transformational speaker, memoirist and business owner. With seven figures in personal sales from three multiple six figure businesses, Lisa talks effortlessly about the truth of what it takes to succeed in business and in life.