I was born in Newcastle but didn’t live there until I returned for University. I wanted to go back home, to be a metro ride away from my Nana, to hear the accent every day.


Having started in corporate – a standard opening for many ‘about us stories’, I know – I left aged 23 to pursue ‘the dream’. I wanted to help people change their lives.


It turned out that most people aren’t keen on hiring a 23 year old coach slash motivational speaker so I cut my teach in other sectors, mostly from necessity in the beginning and then later from passion.


In the decade that followed the Grand Central train ride home from London King’s Cross to Northallerton train station, I built a multiple six figure graduate recruitment company, which I sold, I built a half a million pound a year digital marketing agency, which I shut down, and my most recent business is an online training company, providing courses on how build and scale businesses.

Lisa Bean Motivational Speaker North East


I’ve had some ups and downs in my life: debt, depression, heartbreak. Many people have. What has guided me at every turn has been the truth. I’d ask myself: Who am I? What am I here to do? What would make me happy?


And I’d follow the whisper I hear.


In the beginning, I taught business, I filmed courses, I built web sites, I consulted and trained people at large corporates. The thread that ran through it all was sharing ideas to lift people up: Writing blogs and my first book to inspire people to follow their calling; putting on events to help people make the leap; coaching and running programmes…


I used to joke that I wasn’t a business coach who wrote, but a writer who happened to coach business owners.


Now? It’s hard to put a label on anyone these days. Who says we’re one thing or another?


Personally, I write books so I’m a writer. I share content to inspire people to change their lives so I’m a motivational speaker. And I help good people scale up their companies so I’m a business coach. Only this time around, I’ve got a little more experience under my belt.


Lisa Bean

This time around, I’m going to be truer to myself. To not ‘mould’ myself to the market, but to share more of who I am and what I’m learning so that the right people can find me.


You’ll probably see a lot more of the things I really love, like baking, running, the gym, my dogs, writing, cities, books…I especially love memoirs by writers who are writing a book. It’s a niche category but I keep finding gems! I’ll share some of my favourites soon.


For now, over and out!

Lisa Bean is the founder of DARETOGROW and the author of the Amazon chart topping book First Sh!t Version. Having built three six figure businesses, with over seven figures in personal sales, Lisa helps people to uncover their purpose, change their lives and make a living doing what they love.