UK Female Motivational Speaker Lisa Bean

Business Coach, Writer, Speaker – for purpose driven leaders who care about doing something original…at scale.

I focus exclusively on two things: (1) Teaching good hearted people advanced skills in online business, sales and marketing; and, (2) Doing the healing work necessary to follow your purpose more fully and take your place in the world as a thought leader who can help others grow. 

Well welcome! My name is Lisa Bean and I’m a UK based online Business Coach, Transformational Speaker and Writer (mostly memoire style), focused on coaching and advising online coaches and leaders who want to scale up to multiple six figures, purposefully, using online marketing, personal brand and funnel marketing.


I’ve built three separate multiple six figure businesses across recruitment, digital marketing and online education, I’ve personally done over seven figures in private sales and I’ve built five courses that flew past the £100k mark. I think these are important details because every penny I have billed has come from something I created from scratch; built, marketed and then sold. That’s how I’ve learnt my trade, and it’s those skills I teach when delivering training in my own courses for online coaches, and for organisations such as The Guardian and NatWest.


I focus on two things with my clients: How to build a multiple six-figure online business around your purpose, and how to do the personal healing work to take your place in the world. I work on and talk about business, marketing, mindset, selling and taking action with entrepreneurs, through universities and in large corporate sales teams.


I first started in business when I was 23. I left a Head Office corporate job in finance to launch my first company – a multiple six figure graduate recruitment company, which I sold and exited a few years later. Around the same time, I built a half a million-pound digital marketing agency, which I eventually shut down in order to pursue my true passion: purposeful businesses and entrepreneurship. DARETOGROW, my online education company, hit multiple six figures before I pivoted to step out under my own name and brand as a speaker, writer, coach and consultant.


In my early business years I learnt three key things: (1) If you don’t have a proper plan for your money, you will spend it and likely overspend it. (2) Of course you can help everyone, it’s just not smart marketing to attempt it! Businesses who attempt this look impressive, but don’t make money. (3) Your blueprint as an entrepreneur will play out in your sales, positioning, profit and success. In fact, your life and business results will show your blueprint, if you can find the courage to look.


To scale your business, therefore, you must change the way you see yourself, learn new skills in sales and marketing implement a proper strategy for online marketing, profitable sales and operational growth.

Lisa Bean


Your blueprint is running the show. You have subconscious beliefs about what is normal, possible, and appropriate for you. To change your results in life and business you must increase your consciousness over that blueprint and change it!

Clarity = movement. Making a decision and knowing it’s the right move gives you energy and a clear path forward. Knowing what you do and standing for something is worth far more than sitting in a sea of opportunities with no clear way forward.

You only really need to do two things in business to make sales: (1) Decide on your offer and finish it, and (2) Learn how to get the right kind of person to consider it and show it to them. The rest accelerates these two things.

Business won’t make you rich – investing wisely will. For the vast majority of people, your business won’t make you rich. Knowing what to do with the money you collect in your business WILL make you rich! As an entrepreneur, your first job is to collect cash and build cashflow by being useful. Your second job is to learn how to balance business growth with personal wealth, to build a truly rewarding life.

There are three levels to manifesting the life and business you want: Level one is DOING the work. This means taking action and building positive habits. Level two is organising and leveraging information. This is about upskilling, getting guidance, and learning how to leverage what you have. Level three is about getting into alignment with the life you’re choosing. This means removing the blocks, shifting your blueprint and getting into the emotion and energy of success. Put all three together and you have magic.

You’ll get there in the end. Trust your gut. Put in the work. Let go of things you’ve outgrown. And try, try again.

Thought Leadership

Working with Lisa:

I work online and across the UK in the following ways:

  • I have a monthly motivational membership for entrepreneurs, focused on changing your mindset and getting the true work done! It’s called Be The Person, which is also the title of my upcoming book.
  • I run an online business school called Straight Line Through, teaching the fundamentals and more advanced elements of business, strategy, marketing, sales and mindset.
  • I work one-to-one with business clients looking to scale to multiple six figures. This is Expansion Edge.
  • I speak at Universities, conferences and organisations on the topics of business, entrepreneurship, sales & marketing, and mindset.
  • I also consult and deliver training for corporate sales teams on mindset and selling.

If you’d like to find out more about working with me one to one, if you’d like to book me as a speaker for your team or event, or you’d like to have a discussion around how I can help your sales teams, please send me a message here and I will reply personally.



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Lisa Bean is a UK based online business coach for coaches looking to scale to multiple six figures, leveraging their unique Thought Leadership. With seven figures in personal sales from three multiple six figure businesses, Lisa talks effortlessly about the truth of what it takes to succeed in business and in life.

Brand new motivational YouTube channel for entrepreneurs – upgrade your mindset, change your tolerances and be the person who gets it done! Weekly content on mindset, strategy, happiness and business.


My first book ‘First Sh!t Version’ came out in January 2020, just weeks before the news of Covid-19 began to break.  The book went on to hit number 1 in the Amazon kindle charts, and number 2 in the business charts. This book shows readers who to uncover their purpose, change their lives and launch an offer to make a living doing what they love. I tell it through my personal story of change, showing how I got over a five year stint of depression, and paid off £100,000 in debt to set myself free in business.


My second book is called Be The Person. This book shows readers how to reconnect with the truth of who they are and what they’re meant to do, and shows them exactly how to become the person who does the work to make it happen. This book is told through stories, with powerful strategies for changing your blueprint, building positive behaviours, organising and leveraging time and knowledge, and using the post of emotion and energy to speed up the process of change. It’s powerful, inspiring and practical. For entrepreneurs who want to see real change in their lives, and breakthrough to their next level of performance, this is for you.

– KATIE, via Amazon™:

“Lisa’s style of writing is so conversational this felt just like digging into a great autobiography – excellent story telling, and way more engaging than lots of other business books I’ve read.”

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Mailing list

Would you like me to send the weekly Voice Note to your inbox at 5am every Monday morning? Just a little something to start your day off right! If so, you can join my mailing list below.