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First Sh!t Version is the incredible guide to uncovering your purpose, changing your life and making a living doing what you love. Packed with ideas, wisdom and techniques, it tells the story of Lisa’s journey out of severe debt and life-limiting depression to running a six-figure online business.


Lisa’s candid, untold stories of her life, told from her coaching practice and regular invitations to take action take readers on an unforgettable journey of transformation.


When you read this book, you will learn how to:


  • Connect more deeply with your true purpose
  • Change anything or everything about your life
  • Overcome what’s holding you back to make a living doing what you love


This book is for the person who wants to gain clarity of purpose, change their life and share their unique gifts to change the frickin’ world!

I devoured every word of this book, nodding my head as sentences jumped out at me, as I was thinking, so true.! The book was read in a day.


Number 4 on Amazon!!
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I've read lots of these kinds of books about purpose, drive, passion, but with most books I tend to lose interest part way through. I can honestly say I remained captivated and inspired throughout. Lisa has successfully managed to bring the same tone, warmth and charm to her written word as she does with her spoken word. No easy task!

Miss. A. P

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