121 Coaching

4.5 hours of hyper focused 121 coaching with Lisa Bean, designed to turn on sales in your online business

Work with me over 3-5 calls (4.5 hours in total) to get to the true and sellable kernel of your core idea, reposition your valuable offer and make sales in your online business right now. This coaching is hyper focused, designed to get straight to the issue of sales in your online business.

Set a realistic target you're willing to work towards and make a clear and direct sales plan to turn on sales in your online business.

Work directly with me to address key issues including: who is your exact customer, what precisely will they pay for right now and how can you cut through the noise to prove your value up front?

Consider gritty activities to make sales right now + the wider funnel and marketing work to build a pipeline of future clients in your online business.

Bring me your unique questions, show me your sales pages, ask me anything you like in our hyper focused sessions.

Tap into a higher energy of sales, belief and delivery to turn things around right now: truly understand what it means to position value, turn up and make sales in your online business.

£750 + VAT (payable in two payments)

Lisa Bean - online business coach

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To have a chat with me and see if it’s a good fit, fill in the form and we’ll arrange a Zoom call to check in.

I normally work with people for 3 months (£2,500+VAT) or 6 months (£5,000+VAT). This hyper-focused coaching is designed to solve a very specific problem in your online business, show you the power of coaching and give you a real flavour of working with me one-to-one.