Practical. Sales Focused. Motivational. How to build a proper online funnel that actually makes money and get it live asap, with ads training


All new 4 hour live workshop: how to build a proper online marketing funnel including your sales page and email sequence, with ad set up training (Facebook & Instagram) AND a bonus 90 minute live on advanced selling skills for online entrepreneurs, okay whaaaat?

Includes FOUR hour LIVE workshop (via Zoom), a no-messing checklist for action, follow up guide notes for funnel & ads AND a 90 minute bonus training on how to sell when you’re a good person. This is step by step how to build a funnel and scale it with content & ads that work.

Marketing funnel workshop 1

It’s time to get your next funnel live. No cutting corners. No, ‘tomorrow’. We’re doing it now.

Join me LIVE on Tuesday 28th February 9:30 – 13:30 for a motivating, practical workshop on how to build your online marketing funnel and use it to generate genuine leads in your business.


If you’re ready to step up, scale and win more wonderful clients, I’ll be showing you – step by step – what to do when in the funnel sequence, why it all matters and what’s made the biggest different in my online sales funnels.


But the biggest outcome? I’ll inspire you to get this done, now, increasing your reach and generating leads.


We’ll be writing / updating your sales page, mapping out the six-part funnel you need and even drafting the ad copy. Plus, I’ll show you how to set up and run ads on Facebook ™ AND Instagram™. What more could you possibly need? Oh, okay – how about a bonus 90 minutes on HOW TO SELL, like proper technical and mindset training including scripts? Okay, you got it!

Main live funnel workshop: Tuesday 28th February 9:30 – 13:30.


Bonus ‘How to Sell’ workshop: Tuesday 7th March January 9:30 – 11:00.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

Understand how to sell online properly, in a really open, fair way that actually works for goodhearted people. It won’t make you cringe and feel the online eek because it’s focused on helping people no matter what. This approach will build your brand and reputation, not tarnish it.

Have a full map of the funnel you’re building, to provide an overall accountability checklist for the weeks that follow. You’ll be getting it built!

Have a much updated / much improved cut of your sales page that actually speaks to your buyers, tells them what they need to know to sell and proves you’re the one to help them hit their goals. This will also help you identify what actually makes this valuable!

Have a first cut of the email sequence you’re going to automate in Convertkit / Mailchimp.

Actually know how to run text and video ads in both Facebook and Instagram.

As a HUGE bonus to this training, I’ll be doing a follow up live training on how to sell online – I mean advanced skills on holding sales calls, selling on webinars and selling one-to-one, teaching you what I’ve learnt from 7-figures in personal sales.

Marketing funnel workshop 5
Marketing funnel workshop 4
How to develop your unique thought leadership

How this works:

This workshop will be broken up into four key parts:

PART 1: The understanding – Learn how to sell to your customer fairly, using funnel marketing. What do you need? How does it all hang together. What must you focus on and what can you skip over?

PART 2: The map – build out your unique funnel map, including sales page, emails and ad copy. Learn how to put a huge focus on leading with value, on building your brand and on asking for the sale in a lovely way.

PART 3: The ads – I will show you, step by step, how to run ads for Facebook™ and Instagram™.

PART 4: How to sell - 90 minute follow up workshop on 7th March.

I’m a business owner with a clear sales and marketing focus. I use original insights, wisdom and grit to stand out in a crowded market. And I always seek to change someone’s life and business long before they wonder how they can work with me. THIS is what I teach my business clients to do.

Tada moment

The full four hours will be dedicated to training and getting your funnel done! I won’t waste time with my story etc. etc. You know it by now. I’ve done seven figures in online sales. I’ve built a reputation for being helpful and kind. This workshop is about your future sales.

“It’s the magic you brought”


“Hard to qualify – it’s ‘the magic’ you brought and you spoke to us, I didn’t feel ‘delivered to’, as I have in other workshops. It was natural and engaging from the start and held my focus and attention. You were in tune with the feelings that would come up and named them which kept it real.”


Jill D

Workshop Details:

Date / time: Main live funnel workshop: Tuesday 28th February 9:30 – 13:30. Bonus ‘How to Sell’ workshop: Tuesday 7th March 9:30 – 11:00.

Format: Live Zoom session, 15-20 participants

Materials: Types notes and funnel diagram and checklist. Demo emails and sales scripts.

If you have any questions, please email me at Otherwise, grab your spot and let’s get to work! 

This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs who have a good offer, who have made sales and have worked with real customers, and who now want to scale using online funnel marketing.


This is not ideal for start up entrepreneurs who haven’t yet decided on an offer / made sales. The reason for this is we’re focused on the sales page, the funnel and the ads. To do this well, you have to know what you’re selling, who your customer really is and what they will find valuable. I will run training in the future on how to decide on your offer, get it built and win your first ten customers.

How to develop your unique thought leadership

“Established roadmap to follow”


“My biggest takeaway was how thought leadership Impacts what I’m doing now and building up for the future. Finding a nuance or angle was particularly helpful to me because I needed to find focus and a way forward that was unique to me but also sat with my strengths and values.


Excellent delivery of workshop. I loved the pace, content was amazing and exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate that Lisa also left time for questions at the end.


Thank you so much for an amazing workshop which has left me with much food for thought as well as an established roadmap to follow. I am truly grateful that I can submit my work to you and have the one to one follow up.”


Julie E-H