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Expansion Edge

6 Months of Life Changing 121 Business Coach & Mentoring – let’s nail your offer, your scalable strategy, your marketing, your messaging and…your book / podcast


4 hours 121 per month

Expansion™ Edge is an intense (let’s not lie!) six month programme for savvy business owners who’ve already build their business, are making money but now feel stuck! Maybe you want to scale but don’t have the time. Maybe you want to raise your profile but don’t know where to begin. Maybe you want to show up but feel blocked by programming.  We tackle this together and no stone is left unturned.

I will be honest right off the bat and tell you this could be a destructive programme because it will cause you to ask: 


What do I truly want from my business and my life?


What kind of infrastructure do I need to support that?


What is my message and how do I become more aligned to it in life and business?


I say ‘destructive’ because what got you here, well – you know the rest…won’t get you there. This is about using everything you’ve learnt, built and created to build something new for the future, as opposed to simply offering a new programme, tweaking your content and changing your branding. This is deeper and more structural than that.


I have been crafting this programme for months and months, based on the hundreds of people I’ve helped in groups and the smaller handful of people I’ve worked with 121.

What is Edge?

Edge is a 6-month one-to-one programme dedicated to supporting you uniquely and directly as you:


Admit the truth of what you really want over the next three years, from your life, your experiences, your health, your relationships and business.


I know you want more and I know you’re thinking about it, dreaming about it and talking about it. But I also know you’re stopping yourself from having it.


Formulate, design and launch your new offer suite so that it is much more reflective of your current knowledge, vibration and energy level.


I know you want to move on and offer new services and messaging, but you feel bad about letting go of your other programmes, you feel guilty for moving on and you worry about whether this new level will work for you.


Write and share your original Thought Leadership in a unique and novel way so the people you want to help sit up and listen.


I know you have hundreds of hours of teachings, ideas and vibrational work that you need to pull together into a more modern, up to date and coherent programme, document, brand and message. But I also know you feel alone in this work, like very few people ‘get it’ and it feels a little overwhelming to begin!


Turn up your presence, not in volume, but in effectiveness, reaching the right people in the right way, attracting more ideal clients at a much higher price point into your business, effortlessly and with surprising flow.


I know you want fresh energy around you. I know you want to have a deeper impact with the right person. But I also know you feel worried about honing your messaging and feel pressured to turn up everywhere on all platforms.


Dissipate the heavy resistance and put down the baggage holding you down at a lower energy level.


I know you’re ready for more but that ideas, old stories, patterns locked in your body are holding you back and telling you ‘no’, when you know it’s time for ‘yes’.

Edge is £5,000 + VAT. Payable up front or in two instalments.

I know it’s time to move on. It’s time to evolve. It’s time to experience this new level of potential, leadership and success more fully.

Is Edge Right for Me?

Thought Leadership

Edge is for purpose driven entrepreneurs who have begun, and want to re-align their offer and online brand and / or turn one-to-one work into a scalable business model that can scale online. Maybe you’ve:


  • Experienced success and lost your way lately, wondering who you are and what you’re meant to do now or next?
  • Launched and launched successfully and grown bored of your work, only to feel guilty about that boredom!
  • Been hugely successful in another medium, like face-to-face work or consultancy, and need a more scalable, less time-consuming way to help.


Maybe you can feel that bizarre pull to both move forward and to share that important message, but also to step back and be more discerning and strategic in your work.


I will meet you where you are at that energy level and help you to:


  • Articulate what is coming down the line for you;
  • Step up to the vibration you touch from time to time in real moments of flow;
  • Release the pent-up stories that replay silently, subconsciously in the background;
  • Put the proper price and parameters on your work;
  • Build a structure that supports your efforts, delivers results and sets you free to experience more of that life you dream of and talk about often.

Details & Investment:

Expansion Edge is a six-month, one-to-one programme.


It includes four hours of one-to-one calls with me each month. Some calls will feel like chats to release pent up stories and energy / emotional charge. Some will be spent drafting core ideas for your Thought Leadership, which you will then go away to type up. Some will be spent mapping out key programme offers and defining brand strategies and marketing campaigns.


We’ll flex from high level discussions and ideation through to in depth planning and delivery.


In between calls, I will be available to provide feedback, give direction or just tell you ‘Keep going!’.


The total cost of Edge is £5,000 + VAT, payable up front or in two payments.


When considering this investment, you need to ask yourself:


  1. Am I ready to let go of the past, welcome in my future and commit to the work required (physically, mentally, spiritually) today.
  2. Will working with Lisa give me clarity, focus, momentum to move forward in my life plan?
  3. How many new clients or projects would I need to offset this cost, and do I think I’ll win them by default working with Lisa.




Next steps:


If this feels like a good fit for you, please email me lisa@daretogrow.co.uk or fill in the form on my contact page and we can book in for a proper discovery call to see what you’re trying to do and if I’m the right fit to help you.

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