Manifestation change your life

Don’t ‘yearn’, do THIS to produce results (surprising)

You know, the memory of who you ‘are’ is so much more powerful than the identity of the person you’re trying to become simply because it has more evidence and has been ‘true’ for longer.
This is why it’s hard to change. You’re not really changing, you’re actually putting down part of who you once were.

Look around you right now…

The room you’re in is telling you who you are.
The worries / dreams you woke up with are telling you who you are.
The clothes you’re wearing today are telling you who you are.
Even the emails you receive are telling you who you are.

They all support a narrative. And you believe that narrative so much, you act it out and act within its framework every day.

Even if you have a vision board, or list out your goals or are going to the gym to hype yourself up, underneath all of this, two things remain true:

(1) You must fill the void your yearning created in order to get the result; and,

(2) You must remove the narrative that is sabotaging your result on loop.

In today’s episode, I want to do something a little bit different. I want to explain to you what I know about the three levels of manifestation, one of them being ‘grit work’, and I want to show you how to measure the strength of your intention by the actions you’re taking.

Look, for a long time I’ve found it hard to balance the narratives of manifestation and hard work. I don’t like it when someone focuses exclusively on one end of the spectrum when they both have a place. The key, it turns out, isn’t in how they’re different, but in how they’re the same.

If you wake up with positive expectation that good things are coming your way, look for reasons to feel good right now, trust in your own ideas and use your own unique edge to actually create something magical in the world, you’re well on your way. The only things left to do are to fill any void of yearning and remove the block that sabotages the result when it comes and you’re there.

I want to formalise this process for you today and help you find more reasons to believe in your vision and take bolder, truer action towards it. Manifestation and work come hand in hand. They’re friends, not enemies.

So, press play to:

– Learn about the three levels of ‘manifestation’ the books forgot to tell us.

– See where your subconscious intentions are in conflict with your conscious intentions and bring things in balance.

– Break your vision down into ‘levels’ to really see what it will take to make it happen.

– Get a gritty, honest and somehow magical boost to keep going on your journey of transformation.

I really hope you enjoy today’s episode and it unlocks something for you that helps you go bigger in your efforts and energies today.