…Absolutely NAIL what you’re going to sell, define that buyer like you’ve never understood before, and create a profile and posting plan (with content) that will SELL.

Friday 16th February 10am – 2pm

You’re about to learn the key to making sales over posting content

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How to Build a Profile That Makes Sales

Would you like to spend 4 hours with me nailing the offer you’re going to sell, defining the buyer like you’ve never understood them before and make a posting and profile building plan that actually leads to sales?


Join me live, and I will show you the straight line through to building a profile that sells, and making sales online.


The purpose of the workshop is to show you with step-by-step clarity what you need to do to make sales online. It’s practical, it’s motivational and it will leave you feeling inspired to work your plan in the seven days following the workshop.


Nail that offer:


You need two offers – your big flagship offer that you really ‘feel’ when you make a sale, and a micro ‘lead magnet’ offer that brings interested customers to the front of the room, gives you the chance to add real value up front and helps with cashflow in your business. I will help you define these, put them in order and show you what to work on firsr.


Understand that customer:


People make so many obvious mistakes when trying to sell to their ‘avatar’. One of them is they don’t really know ‘where’ in the journey their customer is. Just nailing this one fact CHANGES EVERYTHING about your wording, your positioning and your selling. I will show you how to define that customer in a way you never have before. You’ll KNOW THEM. You know how to help them. They will WANT TO buy from you.


Build a profile that sells:


Next we come to ‘what do I post’ and where? I’m going to show you exactly WHAT to post and where to post it to build a profile that actually leads to sales in your online business. I will be showing you exactly how to come up with your hooks, what goes in your captions and what you need to do to get engagement on that content. This first part of your funnel really does determine everything else that flows and scales in your online business. This will change your life, but only in the context of the two stages above. So, we shall do it in order. Live. Together.

Join me live via Zoom. If you can’t make it, I will send you the replay, the planning tool and the typed notes don’t you worry!

Friday 16th February 10am – 2pm

By the end of this workshop, you will have:

True ‘this is it’ clarity over your message, your audience and your offer suite for 2024. You will feel aligned, relaxed and excited, all at once!

A sense of excitement to go out and help people, by creating and sharing content that leads the way for your community and, truth be told, builds an audience of people who might well invest with you when you make offers.

A ‘no more hiding’ commitment to the true actions of building an online business in 2024, based on your profile as a leader in your space. You'll see!

A grounded understanding of how business, sales and marketing works, and how you can adapt it to suit your purpose-driven approach.

A clearly defined map of your movement, key messages, content themes and content plan for 2024.

Confidence over your future pipeline - more is coming!

To help you maximise the value of the workshop, I’m going to send you a 30 page type up of the notes following the workshop. Sometimes it just helps to read the key ideas after the work. I will also give you an incredible ‘no fluff’ planning tool to help you answer the key questions, plan content that sells, and focus your energy on what will actually build a profile that sells.

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Marketing funnel workshop 4

The full 4 hours will be dedicated to training and ‘Building a Profile That Sells’. I won’t waste time with my story etc. etc. You know it by now. I’ve done seven figures in online sales. I’ve built a reputation for being helpful and kind. This workshop is about your purpose-driven business – one that sells! – and we’ve got work to do!

“It’s the magic you brought”


“Hard to qualify – it’s ‘the magic’ you brought and you spoke to us, I didn’t feel ‘delivered to’, as I have in other workshops. It was natural and engaging from the start and held my focus and attention. You were in tune with the feelings that would come up and named them which kept it real.”


Jill D

Workshop Details:

Date / time: Friday 16th February 10am – 2:00pm

Format: Live. I’m running through a carefully planned set of slides and processes.

Materials: Workshop slides, full typed up notes (following workshop), full planning guide to complete during workshop.

If you have any questions, please email me at lisa@daretogrow.co.uk. Otherwise, grab your spot and let’s get to work! 

This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs who are purpose-driven and want to share their magic in the world through offers and content. It’s for people who need a little help and encouragement to fine tune their message, finalise bold new offers and build their online profile in the market.

How to develop your unique thought leadership

“Established roadmap to follow”


“My biggest takeaway was how thought leadership Impacts what I’m doing now and building up for the future. Finding a nuance or angle was particularly helpful to me because I needed to find focus and a way forward that was unique to me but also sat with my strengths and values.


Excellent delivery of workshop. I loved the pace, content was amazing and exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate that Lisa also left time for questions at the end.


Thank you so much for an amazing workshop which has left me with much food for thought as well as an established roadmap to follow. I am truly grateful that I can submit my work to you and have the one to one follow up.”


Julie E-H