…find, articulate and package up that magnetic kernel of your core movement, your original offer suite and your content map for 2024.

Includes 4.5 hour workshop (REPLAY), exclusive 3-part video/audio pre-work course and post workshop notes.


How to Work Your Edge in 2024: A Little Bit of Magic 😉

Would you like to spend 4 hours with me finding, articulating and packaging up that magnetic kernel of your core movement, your original offer suite and your content map for 2024?


You can now access the four hour workshop replay.


The purpose of the workshop is to give you a practical, motivational and focused space to really tune in with who you are, what you want to say in the world, and what you’ll stand for in your business and marketing over the next 2-4 years.


This work is powerful.


When you admit your true purpose, define your movement, and decide how you’ll build a profile you can lean on, things like inspiration, content and magnetism flow more readily. And so…


…we’re going to do this work together in a context of passion, creativity and business. This means we’re not just ‘writing stuff’ and ‘ticking boxes’. That doesn’t work and you’ve probably experienced that recently. Instead…


Go deeper:


We must go deeper than the surface ‘offer’ and build the courage to share the truth of what we believe. That’s the passion. You might now know you can’t just ‘put your offer out there’ and see it sell. There is too much content available for free for that to work. The world wants more from us. They want depth, richness, support, truth. I’ll show you how to do this.


Build profile:


Then we need to think creatively about how we use the platforms and modern media available to us today to share these messages, to build community, to build a profile we’re proud to post on and share our ideas through. You don’t have to show up in places you don’t like, but you do have to build a platform and profile somewhere. Let’s find that medium and platform and lean in.


Be value driven:


Finally, we need to think about the commercial aspects of these ideas. Ideally, I want you to get paid to build a community and be useful to people, doing what you love. As you’ve no doubt heard me say – not everyone in your community is a customer, and your customers do not all have to come from your community. So let’s find a realistic way for you to make money from your passion, creativity and ideas so you can do more of what you love in the world.

Workshop replay and pre-work video and notes now available via replay.

By the end of this workshop, you will have:

True ‘this is it’ clarity over your message, your audience and your offer suite for 2024. You will feel aligned, relaxed and excited, all at once!

A sense of excitement to go out and help people, by creating and sharing content that leads the way for your community and, truth be told, builds an audience of people who might well invest with you when you make offers.

A ‘no more hiding’ commitment to the true actions of building an online business in 2024, based on your profile as a leader in your space. You'll see!

A grounded understanding of how business, sales and marketing works, and how you can adapt it to suit your purpose-driven approach.

A plan for doing the actual mindset work that will create new ‘pathways’ in your wonderful brain, pathways that allow you to show up, share ideas, lead, and sell.

A clearly defined map of your movement, key messages, content themes and content plan for 2024.

Confidence over your future pipeline - more is coming!

To help you maximise the value of the workshop, you get access to a three-part video / audio series to listen to ahead of time. This will explain the key ideas, challenge how you think about mindset, business, marketing and success, and really get your plans flowing for 2024. This pre-work won’t take more than one hour to complete, but it will really get you thinking and help bring your key insights to the surface, ready for the workshop.

Marketing funnel workshop 5
Marketing funnel workshop 4
How to develop your unique thought leadership

How this works:

This workshop will be broken up into four key parts:

PART 1: What are you here to say in the world? I mean, what message is uniquely yours to share, because of your passion, your lived experience, your purpose and your desires? Let’s find it and say it out loud.

PART 2 - What is your movement of change? Let’s find the ‘change you really want to see’ for others and build it into a plan for making it happen. Let’s look at the measures of success, let’s look at the key stages of the change, let’s think about what this will require of you and how you can begin this journey.

PART 3: How do you want to share? There are so many ways to share ideas and inspire people today – videos, audio, writing, graphics. Then there’s podcast platforms like Spotify, Substack, Reels. Let’s not think of this as ‘have to’ and think ‘get to’. Let’s pick formats, platforms and content types that work for you and look at the skills you’ll need to build, how to build the confidence to create this content and a plan for posting.

PART 4: What’s the business that sits behind this. I love business, and I love making my way in the world by sharing motivational content that shows purpose-driven entrepreneurs how do achieve their dreams in service to others. There’s no other way for me! So what about you? What would you love to sell? How will you sell it? How can this grow in stages to make it highly achievable and, dare I say, more encouraging to attempt!

This workshop will be upbeat, inspirational and perhaps even a tad emotional.


Honestly, I’m not interested in you ticking boxes or writing sales pages for the sake of it. If you can connect deeply with the truth of who you are, own what you’re here to say in the world, and learn how to package it up in a commercial way (using modern media), then your sales pages, content, funnels etc. can write themselves.


Each week, I sit down to film an episode for my platform and I ‘say what I feel compelled to say’. These episodes come from truth, they come from wisdom, and they come from insights I’ve had in the weeks preceding the recording.


I’d like to show you how I do this, the impact it’s having on my business, and the secret that underpins it all: profile, resonance and the courage to press send.


Would you like to be part of this?



Tada moment

The full 4.5 hours will be dedicated to training and ‘Working Your Edge’, ready for 2024! I won’t waste time with my story etc. etc. You know it by now. I’ve done seven figures in online sales. I’ve built a reputation for being helpful and kind. This workshop is about your future purpose-driven business, and we’ve got work to do!

“It’s the magic you brought”


“Hard to qualify – it’s ‘the magic’ you brought and you spoke to us, I didn’t feel ‘delivered to’, as I have in other workshops. It was natural and engaging from the start and held my focus and attention. You were in tune with the feelings that would come up and named them which kept it real.”


Jill D

Workshop Details:

Date / time: Friday 1st December 10am – 2:30pm

Format: Originally recorded live via Zoom. Now available as a replay.

Materials: Pre-course (1 hour max) available in video and audio. Post event recording, typed notes + funnel diagram and checklist for good measure.

If you have any questions, please email me at Otherwise, grab your spot and let’s get to work! 

This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs who are purpose-driven and want to share their magic in the world through offers and content. It’s for people who need a little help and encouragement to fine tune their message, finalise bold new offers and build their online profile in the market.

How to develop your unique thought leadership

“Established roadmap to follow”


“My biggest takeaway was how thought leadership Impacts what I’m doing now and building up for the future. Finding a nuance or angle was particularly helpful to me because I needed to find focus and a way forward that was unique to me but also sat with my strengths and values.


Excellent delivery of workshop. I loved the pace, content was amazing and exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate that Lisa also left time for questions at the end.


Thank you so much for an amazing workshop which has left me with much food for thought as well as an established roadmap to follow. I am truly grateful that I can submit my work to you and have the one to one follow up.”


Julie E-H