Business advice

“Post daily” or show me your strategy – 4 direct things I’m telling business clients

If you’re not posting every day, you don’t want to win…

This is a reminder to entrepreneurs who’ve made money, been knocked back by [2020, doubt, the change in videos online, launch fatigue…] and want to get things moving properly again.

Things have changed AND you have everything you need to adapt.

Here’s what I need you to know now:

1. You can’t hide away for weeks on end, ‘relaunch’ a ‘one-off webinar’ and expect to sell. People NEED to have seen you turning up, sharing your wisdom and living the life you’re selling for weeks before they buy.

They need to feel like you’re the expert and you’re doing this stuff regardless, for your own life and opportunities. Like, your ship is moving – they have to hop on or let it sail past.

YES, there are exceptions to this but by and large it is familiarity, insight and MOVEMENT FORWARD that lead to multiple five figure months, not one off ads and a “last chance buy now” approach to selling.

Don’t be desperate. Be a leader. Go out and find what works, get the result and come back and teach it. Educate your audience and DEMAND that people step up to the goals they have.

2. Most of the things people say and write in their content is far too generic. We’ve heard it before and it just doesn’t mean anything to anyone and so it gets washed away with the scroll.

You have to learn to write with impact and that starts with you DIGGING for your wisdom. This too is an active and intellectual process.
You’ve lived a life. You’ve got the result. You KNOW what it takes but you water it down because it sounds too harsh or your worry others won’t be able to do it.

I say to my clients: “Think of the clients you have who are struggling the most. If you were to grab them by the shoulders and say ‘LISTEN! You need to…’ what would be the direct advice you share?”

Your audience and your customers need this truth even if they don’t want it. They need it. Or they’re going to go round in circles for another year. Tell them the truth. They’re grown ups. They need to know.

Consider the posts I do about business. A generic comment would be “people buy from people they know, like and trust”. Yawn. Heard that before?? Look how I said this exact same thing in point one above, in a more unique and insightful way.

3. Don’t feel sorry for your customers. Please god no. Again. They’re adults! And they have the audacity to ask for a big, bold life. They’re going to need to step up to the work. The longer hours. The painful shifts. The doubt. The fear.

More success does equal more failure because you must try more things for a longer period of time to succeed. So your clients will fail more and succeed more with you because they’re trying more.

Working with a coach is not a guarantee of immediate success. No-one is a magician. Just because it worked for the coach doesn’t mean it will work for the client. But together you’re bolder. You’re more confident. You try more, more quickly, with more insight. And that’s where the success comes from.

If you feel sorry for your client they either weren’t ready for the change (and you knew it and should have said ‘not yet’), or you’re not going to tell them the truth of what it takes.

Would you want me to feel sorry for you? And hold back on what it really takes?

4. I’m telling my clients: “post every day!!”. Most of the posts won’t do anything but three things:

Firstly, when you aggregate up the reach and impact of it all, you start to see something special.

Secondly, daily posts demand that you dig deep for content. You run out quickly so you have to start producing a longer format show for depth and variety, you have to record your sessions for snippets, you have to think more and work harder to clarify your conclusions. This all helps you to develop your ideas, your unique thought leadership and your position in the market.

Thirdly, you don’t know which post will resonate, pop off or lead to a customer in 6 months. Don’t be so planned. Be prolific. Let someone else worry about ‘which post’. You concentrate on being in the game so you have a chance.

If you disagree with this because you want more balance / an easier life etc, tell me your marketing and sales plan then. Show me your funnel with ads. Tell me which networking groups you’re part of. Show me the magazines / podcasts you’re creating for. And I’ll let you off. *Cheeky smile.

Again, as I tell my clients – it doesn’t have to be social, but you do need to building an audience of potential customers somewhere. You can’t hide away in the vacuum and then tell me you’re not selling.

Last thing on this. I hear this a lot: “My customers can’t afford me and I want to help them.”

Look, I was £100k in debt, depressed and skint! Yet, when a big payment came in for a recruitment company I sold, I took a chunk of that money and flew to LA to see Tony Robbins life for Unleash the Power Within.

I was ready to change my life. I was hungry for something extraordinary. And so off I flew with my debt and my dreams.

If your customers can’t afford you, you have three choices:

1. Accept they’re not really your customers. If they were customers they’d find a way, like I did with Tony Robbins. And that was THE BEST money I EVER spent. My choice. My life. My investment. My result.

2. Change your business model. Launch a membership and go for scale. Make courses for Udemy. Run events and cheaper work shops online and crucially…go for scale! This means delivering less 121 for those clients so you can reach more people.

3. Be more generous with your content. Write a book. Start a show. Help them that way and keep selling to the people who are ready to pay.
But don’t say they can’t afford you and use that as a excuse not to sell. Sell to people who can or change your model. Adapt.

Last last thing…I don’t get as many likes / comments on my stuff as my ego would love. BUT, my clients say back my catch phrases to me all the time – first pants version, be the person, thought leadership. People message me referring to stuff I posted weeks and months ago. New clients tell me they’ve followed me for years (and I’ve never seen them before).

People are watching. They’re reading. They’re listening. Drop your ego. Post the truth. And come at this from a place of honesty, growth, abundance. And joy! Find the message and the platform you love and go for it.

Tell people what you wish you knew, what’s taken you decades to learn and let them use it to change their life.

Be generous now. When they need whatever it is you do, you will be on their shortlist of options, if not top!