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#001 Keep Going – Focus on Four Things in Tough Times

I know one thing for sure: You will make it if you keep going. In today’s new extended episode, I’m going to share with you four key things to prioritise in tough times to ENSURE you keep going towards your goal.

I have a very clear mission in today’s 29 minute podcast and that’s to convince you that (1) You’re going to make it in your tough endeavours (you badass!); and, (2) To remind you of the precise work required to do just that.

You are constantly trying to grow and push yourself to do hard things. It can be tiring. It can take its toll.

But staying still, missing the mark and feeling constantly afraid can be tiring and take their toll too!

Today we’re picking the toll we pay for the life we want. Payment is always demanded up front for change.
Shall we dig in a little more and keep going?

I’ve made my decision.

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