happiness and fear of failure

3 mins on happiness and fear of failure

Happiness, like most good things – It’s not a passive process. The passive process of life will see you falling into the trenches of what is easy, what is comfortable, what you’ve done before. Happiness requires that you actively put yourself in the way of what you want in your life, and you put yourself on the line and you risk failure.

Everybody’s terrified of failure but fear is only ever one of two things. You’re afraid it will fail and you won’t look good. And the other fear is fear of getting hurt.

Here’s the thing that I love, right…

Every time you take action on something, you’re basically saying, I have faith that this could work. I believe that this might turn out. I believe that if I give it a go and I commit to it, I will figure something out along the way and I’ll probably end up where I want to be.

Any time you procrastinate or hold back or make an excuse or whatever, you’re basically saying, I’m fearful that this won’t turn out. I’m afraid it won’t work. I don’t have faith in my ability to see this through.

So if you’re procrastinating on anything like putting a post out, writing a book, going to the gym, going on dating apps, remind yourself that all you’re doing is protecting yourself from the fear of failure, from the fear that it won’t work out.

Well, let me tell you, you’ve already failed because it’s never going to work out if you’re not even in the game. If you literally don’t give it a go, you have failed anyway. So the very thing you tried to protect yourself from, you just ran into at 100 miles an hour.

Why do that?

The thing that you want sits on the other side of you taking action.

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