How to change a subconscious belief

How to change a subconscious belief – 5 minutes

Changing a subconscious belief to change your life is an active, not a passive, process. There are stories and ideas and beliefs you’re running that are stupid and mean and cruel.

What speaker would say to themselves: “You suck! You’ll never get paid to speak!” What writer would say to themselves: “You’ve got nothing to say, don’t even begin!” What coach would say to themselves: “You don’t know enough. Don’t even think about posting that!”

Of course, we don’t say these things out loud or even consciously. They’re thoughts, ideas, vibes we hold in our subconscious mind. Who cares why. Who cares where they came from.

What I care about is this:

1 – You define what you want to become.

2 – You dig deep and list out how you feel about this. What ideas support you here? What fears do you have? What’s the dominant thought you have in the background around this goal?

3 – Write it all down! Pay attention. GET CONSCIOUSNESS over the feelings you hold. Say them out loud. Put them into words.

4 – REWRITE THEM! Rewrite the beliefs you need to hold and repeat them until your subconscious mind accepts them as truth.

This sounds too simple to work but it literally does lol. A belief is JUST something we’ve repeated enough times that we hold it to be fact. It’s not fact!

“I don’t have time” is an opinion, not a fact.

“I’m not good enough” is an opinion, not a fact.

“I don’t deserve it” is an option, not a fact.

Don’t ignore this advice. It will change your life. Set your intention. Go searching for the feelings / blocks / self limiting beliefs. Put them into words. REWRITE the belief you need and repeat, repeat, repeat until you hold it to be true.


Of course you need to back this up with action! Don’t just say stuff and return to your normal behaviours. Repeat the new beliefs AND use that vibe to sit down to write a post. Repeat the new beliefs AND use that energy to get yourself on the dating app! Repeat the new belief AND use that power to create a speaker bio.

Beliefs and actions come hand in hand. Through both, we gain confidence, experience and momentum!

Clip taken from August’s motivational membership content! This month’s topic is changing your life by changing your beliefs….

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