How to make your idea happen

Your ideas WILL change your life

Change your life with 3 simple questions that PROVE you know how to make your idea happen. Plus – why it’s so VITAL that you follow through on your ideas.

This video is an extract from a training I delivered for a business community I run. Each week, I go live and share some new ideas to keep people focused on their next level in life and business before answering questions.

This week, I shared three simple questions to help people realise they already have the answers within them. Press play to hear the questions and find your own answers.

Ideas come in like the waves, in and out, in and out.

Then every now and then, a group of ideas crash together in a crescendo that has the power to change your life. The ideas meet. They have a theme. You see the golden thread that connects them into something bigger than any idea on its own.

But of course – ideas are no good to the person who turns away. When you ask for help, for guidance, for a miracle, the answer often comes in the form of hope, a change in perspective, in ideas. The hope, the new perspective, the idea is the key, it is the path.

And it’s WHO YOU BECOME in bringing that idea to life that will get you through to the next level.

So tune in to the inspiration you’re already receiving. Start to write down the ideas you have. And find the courage to take action. Bringing the ideas to life IS the path to the life you want.

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