Change your life - out of character

Out of character

Have you realised that to change your life [insert goal – write book, scale business, change health, move, fall in love, change career], you don’t just have to ‘make changes’, but you have to act deeply ‘out of character for yourself’ on a consistent basis to experience the new outcome.

Obviously, that is going to feel horrendous because you think your character is YOU.

But it’s not.

It’s just a collection of ideas, memories, beliefs and values you’ve come to focus on, remember and prioritise. Like a path we tread in the grass. The more we tread it, the more engrained it becomes. Your ‘character’ has become deeply engrained.

With a bit of effort, we can change the path and we can change our character.

I know this sounds crazy but…

Everyone has a ‘return to type’ – a way they respond when things get tough. Let’s say for example – an idea doesn’t work, you’re facing confrontation, you feeling out of control or exposed. In all these situations, you have a way of responding, a type you return to.

This is why change doesn’t stick because when it happens, people feel out of control and return to type, their type, their character.

Therefore, to change your life, you must learn to change what is characteristic for you. You must act out of character.

You ready for this work?

Let’s see…

I hope this gives you something to think about today! ​

Lisa 🙂



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