How to avoid burnout

Entrepreneurial burnout: How to hit six figures without burning out!

How to avoid burning out on your journey to becoming a six figure entrepreneur:

Being an entrepreneur is one of the craziest, stupidest, dumbest things you’re going to attempt [lol!]. And once you are afflicted with the drive to be an entrepreneur and building companies, you just can’t help it. You cannot suppress entrepreneurship. If you’ve got a drive to create things, just accept that you’re stuck with it and get creating.

In this episode, I want to talk about burnout and overwhelm. I’m going to run through the things I do to manage burnout and keep it at bay. At the end of the episode, I’m going to show you how to reframe your goals, and break them down using four key categories that will make it easier to understand what’s required to go the distance without burning out and feeling totally overwhelmed.

And I promise you, I will not mention SMART goals ONCE!

What I’m covering:

– My definition of ‘entrepreneurial’ burnout and the underlying causes of it
– How to assess your skill set, capacity and energy levels in relation to what you want to achieve
– A sensibly stupid goal – what’s that?
Where to get the real feedback on the effort you’re putting in
– The order of events – how to make yourself safe before you stretch too thin
– Never forget that entrepreneurship is SELLING the stuff you’re making
– Why you must learn which activities make your brain switch off

To break through as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to put in the work of an elite athlete…over time. So don’t punish yourself on this crazy journey. There is a more sustainable way to succeed and achieve your goals, without burning out.

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