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Under £20k in online sales? Watch this!

How I went from ZERO to £100k in online sales – the truth.

[This episode is for anyone banging their head against the wall on online sales]

Look, I know you’re trying and I know you think it should be working right now. You took the leap to build your online business, you’ve made sales here and there but it feels too hard and you’re wondering: Will this ever work; have I got what it takes?


You’ve got to do what will actually work and I’m going to be really straight and tell you what those things are right now.

The truth is it’s harder than a lot of people will tell you online. For this to work, you’ve got to be so hungry for this to work, you’ve got to feel like it’s your life’s mission to show up in this way and make this work, you’ve got to focus on learning the proper skills of positioning value, marketing, mindset and sales to turn on sales and set yourself free.

I know you want more clients and I know you can help more people. But I also know that the best coaches don’t win – the best marketeers do, every time. So, if you want to build an online business and be an online coach or course provider, you’ve got to accept the fact you’re about to become an expert in online marketing and selling. And I’m going to help you!

So here’s the bottom line. In a job, you get paid for showing up, regardless if you do the work or not. In entrepreneurship you do not get paid for showing up. You get paid for two reasons: (1) You added meaningful value to someone who was willing to pay for that value; and (2) Enough people got the chance to consider that valuable offer in the first place. If you’re not making sales it HAS to come down to one of those two things and both are skills you develop with work, trial and error and well, more work.

Sorry for shouting. It sounds like I’m shouting! 

If you want to watch or hear me talk this through, press play above. Today’s episode is how I went from zero in sales to my fist £10,000 launch and my first £100,000 year. I break down how I got started, the gritty things I did to develop my offers and make my first sales, and just how involved I got in content to build a breakthrough brand and really scale up my business.

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For juicy context, here are some of those key ideas:

(1) Get into the world:

First and foremost (hilarious phrase!?) you’ve got to get out in the world and sell things. Content will not lead to sales, no matter how great it is. What leads to sales is webinars, masterclasses, live workshops, discovery calls, freebies with a clear call to action.

In the beginning, I understood this deeply. I made a lot of content to help build my brand and build trust, but I was ALLLWAAYYYSSS launching, selling stuff, trying stuff. I’d put on events in local coffee shops, I’d book hotel venues and put on talks every month, I’d go live on Facebook and announce new course launches. When I look back on my journey, I can see I was out there in the world. I was making new connections ALL THE TIME. I was meeting people. I was making pitches and offering things and I built my business one client at a time.

Now, I tend to do long copy PDFs, and online masterclasses and workshops rather than live stuff. Back then, I did a lot in person.

So ask yourself: How many times have I offered something low risk to bring people to the front of the room this year? If you can 10x that you will massively increase your sales.


(2) Tell people what you believe:

Don’t share boring generic sh!t and DON’T YOU DARE USE CHAT WHATEVER IT’S CALLED TO SHARE YOUR CONTENT. I don’t even think you can use it for ideas if I’m honest. No-one wants to hear from a robot and no-one wants a generic summary of waffle off the internet. They want to know what worked for you! They want your powerful insights. They want the map you made! They want a human’s journey.

So honestly, get really deep with yourself and think about two things: (1) What is the one big outcome you can deliver right now for clients; and (2) What is the truth of what that will take. Go make that content. Go write those mailers. Go build offers in answer to that.

I don’t know how this will come off but when you listen to my content, how much of it is original, insightful, honest, based on my journey, my learnings VS. how much of it have you heard from other people, or is other people’s ideas? I’m hoping the swing is high towards original. It’s one of the reasons my content doesn’t rank as well. I’d rather tell the truth and show you how to do it than hit all the keywords I need to. It might not always go viral, but it always leads to sales because it’s the truth and people can feel it in their bones.


(3) More time with clients:

Listen – get on calls with clients, offer more group time, offer more live time, offer more 121 time. If you’re not making sales right now, being tight with your time is hilarious isn’t it?! Instead offer more!! Double the time they get with you.

If you have an online course, introduce a live weekly call where you teach key concepts and answer questions. If you’re coaching is 6 sessions, make it 6 sessions + 3 action check ins. If you have a group, make one week live training and another week dedicated Q&A.

This doesn’t just make it a great offer, it gives you so much valuable insight about where people are, what they need, how you can help. SO much of my copy, video content and sales content comes from the rich and constant conversations I have with real people! I work so hard to help them and the answers feed my model and my content.


Where to next?

Anyway, the video is a lot less shouty and much more about the journey. Press play to have a listen. I’ve got so much fab content on this topic that you can dive into. Find it here. Or, if you’re considering working with me, check out my hyper-focused 4.5 hour coaching option below. It could be just the turn around you’re looking for.


Book discovery call coaching online sales business coach