How to finish your project

How to finish your important work

All work begins with the chaos of the messy start and must be taken through to the commercial polish in order to be seen

“Lisa is a starter, not a finisher”.

Those words from my Insights profile have haunted me for sixteen years. It could have been worded so differently:

Lisa loves the energy of new projects

Lisa is a fantastic instigator of new ideas

Lisa is hyper creative and always coming up with novel solutions

But no: Lisa is a starter NOT a finisher. Brutal.

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There is of course some truth to the matter, which is why the words stung. New ideas areeeee much more exciting than the ideas we started last year, aren’t they?! Starting is fun, creative, ‘in flow’. Finishing is detailed, repetitive, specific.

The truth is BOTH sides make up a well rounded entrepreneur. If we really want to make a living from our art, we do of course have to master the skills of finishing; of taking our art through to the commercial finish so that it can be seen, enjoyed, funded.

Maybe it’s this part that scares so many of us? What if it’s no good? What if it doesn’t land? What if I don’t make it? This is the risk we took when we said: Yes, I’d rather like to make something up, from my heart, and let people judge it.

At this stage in my life and career, I’m okay with that. In fact – I am happy to be judged because I’m trying, I’m creating, I’m learning. And so are you.

So, let’s put it in focus in today’s episode. Here’s what we’re covering:

– How to take your work from the messy start to the commercial finish

– The horrendous (lol) process of writing a book and book proposal

– How to create deadlines you can’t wriggle out of and why this is so important

– Different ways you can use ‘frameworks’ to breakdown the work and develop your ideas

I’m also covering context for the book including:

– How I managed to change my subconscious programming on debt and abundance

– How I started the ‘healing’ work to change my life

– What it truly means to change

I hope you enjoy!

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