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What is stopping you at the point of action? Motivating voicenote to get you ‘out there’

What is stopping you at the point of action? Motivating voice note to get you ‘out there’ and taking action…

Did you ever used to watch Gary Vee’s daily vlogs? I loved them! I’m not sure if they’re back now, but the ones pre-world-shut-down. Ah man they were fab – music, broll, daily life. Right up my video editing street.

Anyway, in the intro to them, he used to step off a jet and you’d hear him say: “I just want to be happy, don’t you want to be happy?”.

Those words are repeated in my head DAILY. And even more so if I feel down or stuck or demotivated.

That notion – ‘I just want to be happy’ – has prompted some crazy decisions in me for a long time.

I guess I just believe that there is nothing more ‘successful’ than being happy, truly, deeply, happy. Safe & secure, with means to live well, yes…and happy.

I also believe that if we do what is ‘for us’ in this lifetime – if we’re brave and follow the calling, if we do what lights us up – the other things we desire will follow anyway. It’s hard of course, finding the courage to pursue happiness over familiarity, happiness over comfort, happiness over status quo.

It’s often real ‘rock the boat of life’ stuff we have to do. And a lot of people pause when it comes to the ‘taking action’ part.

I guess that’s what I’m talking about in today’s voice note – what comes before action, what makes us happy, who we want to become.

Two things…

1. Vision / destination / goal / intention / desire.

2. Belief / resolve / willingness to try / energy / motivation to act.

Often people know what they want and won’t admit it. Then know what it will take and won’t do it.

I think the first one comes down to a fear of failure or getting hurt and the second one comes down to a belief of ‘not me’, as in – other people can do this but I can’t.

I doubt myself all the time when I’m shooting for more. In those times I lean heavily on journalling, affirmations annnnddd the belief of others.

Every day we have a choice: Avoid the hard stuff and distract ourselves with checkout activities. Which really just makes the pain bigger in the long run.


Lean on positive habits like books, exercise, motivation content etc. to find just enough courage to take one small step.

When I was totally lost in depression I learnt not to lean on my own motivation at that time – I didn’t have any!

So I borrowed other people’s.

I read so many autobiographies of business owners who’d turned things around. I listened to comedians on my runs. I played motivational music and speeches and FLOODED my mind and subconscious with the new thoughts I knew I had to believe.

And with that, I found the courage each day to do a little something for my future – post, pay off some debt, learn. And I am so grateful to that past version of myself who tried in agony.

The life we’ll live tomorrow will be set up by the courage we can muster today.

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