How to manifest

How to manifest, with the triangle of manifestation:

There are three sides to the ‘triangle’ for bringing something into reality – clarity of vision, taking creatively inspired action and changing how you see yourself.

All three are key for manifesting change in your life.

Often people are canny good at two of the three things in this manifestation triangle, like they keep thinking about their dreams, or they do actually take action on their ideas, but they struggle with the third: namely, they don’t realise that they can’t actually ‘see themselves’ with the result.

Sometimes people have one side nailed, and are fluffing two.

And it has to be said…sommmeeetimesss people are avoiding all three and STILL wondering where their dream life is at?

In today’s motivational voice note, I’d like to talk briefly about the three sides of this manifestation triangle and draw attention to the bit you might want to work on next!

If you’re looking to manifest something into your life, press play and take action on the bit that resonates.