How to make a difficult decision

Make a difficult decision

How to Make a Difficult Decision in your Life


Change is a painful process. It requires we forfeit what we know and what people know of us in order to go after something our hearts desire.

Sometimes, often in fact, we can’t explain why we want what we want, we just know that it’s right.

It’s a feeling.

It’s a notion.

It’s a whisper in our hearts.

What comes through in that whisper isn’t just clarification of the desire, but the whole programme required to meet that desire. Your desire is both the clue as to what’s next, and the map for making it happen.

The whisper might be asking you to make room for what’s next by leaving the job, leaving the relationship, moving home, creating a studio, taking time off, booking an event.

Or it could be showing you who you can be in the notion of a vision or an idea for a book or business.

You know what the whisper is telling you. And you’re the only one who does. No-one can define it for you, or clarify the message. No-one can interpret it for you or help you make sense of it. Because it rarely does make sense. It’s a map, not a destination. It’s an invitation, not the party. And the answer builds with every courageous step you take.

My instinct tells me it might be a fairly new idea but it’s far more likely to be something you’ve been hearing for a while. It been sitting so quietly and patiently in the background, waiting for you to be ready for the truth.

You might not realise have realised it until this moment but the whisper is the answer. It’s the path to the happiness and ease and peace you seek. And the transformation begins the moment you tune in and start to listen more fully to that whisper.

So what is it telling you? What is for you? What is the truth?

As you start to connect more deeply to the desire and tune into the whisper, things will start to move around you. Your tolerances change. You notice little moments of magic and ease. You start to feel the contrast of what is ‘not for you’ more heavily. You get annoyed, you feel impatient.

What follows acknowledgement isn’t action, but decision. Before we act, we must come to terms with the whisper and decide on the change; on a course of action. You might find yourself saying: “I know what to do, but I’m scared, this is so destructive, I’m dreading doing the thing, what if this doesn’t work?”. This isn’t a bad thing. Even without action, the decision to act is a powerful thing. It says: “I am ready to be ready to act”.

Of course, the transformation only truly moves into reality when we finally take action, inspired by the whisper. We hand in our notice. We start the blog. We have the conversation. And all hell breaks loose! But we are equipped to handle it. We will grow into the answer.

Acknowledge. Decide. Act.

Acknowledge. Decide. Act.

So when you find yourself asking ‘What’s next?’, ‘What is this all for?’, ‘What is for me?’, don’t look outside of yourself for the answer. Be quiet and listen carefully. Your heart knows the answer and it’s been whispering it to you the whole time. What it’s telling you isn’t just a clue, but the entire map of what is about to unfold in your life for the greatest possible good.

Acknowledge it. Make the decision. And back it up with courageous action.