How to write your first book Hay House writers workshop

How to Write a Best Selling Book – HayHouse Writer’s Workshop

This weekend, I attended the Hay House Writer’s Workshop about writing and publishing a book and took enough notes to write a book!

It was phenomenal – the energy, the people, the content, the speakers. I will tell you up front: I highly recommend this event to any good-hearted person who dreams of writing and publishing their own book.

But – the event didn’t just teach you how to finish that book and get it out there in the world. It covered so much more including:

  • How and why you should be building community now, and how to do that if you’re reluctant.
  • What you must know before writing a book, and how this will help you build your business too.
  • How to put together your book proposal and what publishers really want to see.
  • The importance of writing from ‘spirit’ and joy instead of ego, and how to make that transition.

There was such a beautiful energy at the event; an energy of ‘being of service’.

There was also a very strong message about writing with joy. You put a lot of ‘life force’ and energy into a book so don’t make it a slog – make it joyous.

Anyway, I don’t want to give it all away. Press play. I think you’ll get a lot from today’s episode about business, marketing and purpose, as well about about writing your book and getting published.

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